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SIP—Plan—Shoot—Edit—Repeat. This is the invigorating journey of line production, and at Shoot India Pictures (SIP), we are the maestros orchestrating every step of the way. As line producers, we are the beating heart of your production, ensuring a flawless movie-making experience from start to finish.
SIP is not just a production company; we are trailblazers on a mission to redefine the art of filmmaking. Led by Faris Nabi & Shailendra Soni, a young and ambitious globetrotter duo from Mumbai, we have carved our path in the industry for the past Ten years. With a strong presence in Mumbai and Delhi, we sip the essence of India's captivating beauty and translate it into mesmerizing visuals.
At our company, we firmly believe that both ad agencies and esteemed clients deserve access to our specialized services as their creative partners. We take pride in being a versatile service provider, excelling in both domestic and international production. With SIP, you can sip on the magic of India and capture its essence in every frame. With a strong presence in India and Dubai and a track record of successful film productions around the world, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry.


Faris is a Founder & Executive Producer at Shoot India Pictures. He has previously worked with some leading production houses & Tv Channels of the country. He is experienced and savvy and has executed some award-winning spots. From concept to execution he is involved in all aspects of filmmaking. Faris is a silent superhero.

Yaganshu is sharp, witty and fiercely efficient, this production guy is your go-to person for briefing, costing, execution or merely a conversation about Audrey Hepburn.

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